West Coast Customs – Season 2 (2015)

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Detroit born superstar Kid Rock loves his 1970’s Cadillac, but wants to bring some of the bling back. Ryan and the WCC team have their work cut out for them – to bring this Detroit classic into the 21st century, while keeping that 70’s vibe. The video game car has come to life in WCC. Warner Brothers taps the skills of West Coast Customs to combine a 1970’s Maverick and a 1990’s Ranger into an exact replica of the Mad Max Magnum Opus car. Next stop, the Wasteland. Getting your first car is a big deal, especially when your dad is the King of Customs. “Little” Ryan Friedlinghaus takes the reins on this build to work with the guys on the ultimate first whip. WCC-style. The shop is moving to Vegas…for the week of SEMA. The Experience is back as the WCC team set up shop at the SEMA convention and work side by side with their fans to build some beautiful cars. It’s greatest hits time as Ryan reminisces about some of the crazy builds that West Coast Customs has done over the last couple of years. From AquaFlash to Zippo Jeep, check out what the West Coast Customs team has been up to.

West Coast Customs (2013–)

44 min|Reality-TV|09 Jun 2013
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Chronicling the a car-customizing shop in Corona, Cal., and their clients' project vehicles.