The Magic of Houdini with Alan Davies (2014)

The film explores the extraordinary life of Harry Houdini, the man who against the odds became one of the most successful entertainers in the world. Still referred to as the greatest magician who lived, Houdini was the master illusionist, the original adrenalin junkie famous for escaping from handcuffs, ropes, straitjackets, water tanks, milk cans, mailbags or steamer trunks, often in front of audiences of 100,000 people. Houdini’s last stunt, the Challenge of the Egyptian Mystic, involved being locked in an airtight casket and dropped to the bottom of a swimming pool on Lexington Avenue, New York City, where he remained for 1½ hours.

Alan Davies: The Magic of Houdini (2014)

N/A|Documentary|20 Apr 2014
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