Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1 (2014)

Kidô Senshi Gandamu (original title) – It is the year 0079 of the Universal Century. A war has broken out between the Principality of Zeon, a space colony that wants independence, and the Earth Federation. A teenage boy has to pilot the Federation’s new secret weapon when the space colony in which he lives is attacked by Zeon mobile suits, gigantic robots piloted by humans. That new secret weapon is called the Gundam, a far more powerful mobile suit. The story follows Amuro Ray and many other civilians around his age who have to take over a Federation spaceship and become soldiers in order to survive the war against Zeon’s forces throughout the One Year War.

Mobile Suit Gundam (1979–1980)
30 min|Animation, Action, Drama, Sci-Fi|16 Jul 2001
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In the war between the Earth Federation and Zeon, a young and inexperienced crew find themselves on a new spaceship. Their best hope of making it through the conflict is the Gundam, a giant humanoid robot, and its gifted teenage pilot.