Latest History Releases on Netflix Canada

Thu, Sep 10, 2015

Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus (2014)

Documentary, History, New on Netflix Canada

What is the validity of history found in the Bible? Is it fact or fiction? What does the hard evidence really have to say about the foundational ...

Sun, Sep 6, 2015

I Dream of Wires (2014)

Documentary, History, Music, New on Netflix Canada

A documentary about the phenomenal resurgence of the modular synthesizer; exploring the passions, obsessions and dreams of people who have dedicated part of their lives to this ...

The Search for General Tso (2014)

Comedy, Documentary, History, New on Netflix Canada

Who was General Tso, and why are we eating his chicken? This feature documentary explores the origins and ubiquity of Chinese-American food through the story of an ...