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Monday, January 16, 2017

The Rezort (2015)

Horror, New on Netflix Canada

Following a near-apocalyptic zombie outbreak, humans are once again in control. If an occasional rogue zombie finds its way into everyday life, it is quickly disposed of ...

The Inexplicable Universe: Unsolved Mysteries – Season 1 (2013)

Documentary, New on Netflix Canada, TV Series

Everything we now know about the universe-from the behaviour of quarks to the birth of entire galaxies-has stemmed from scientists who’ve been willing to ponder the unanswerable. ...

Halloweed (2016)

Action, Adventure, Comedy, New on Netflix Canada

A comedic blend of murder, mystery and marijuana. Trying to escape the infamy of a serial killer father, Trent Modine and his goof-ball stepbrother Joey, both seeking ...

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Toxin (2015)

Drama, Horror, New on Netflix Canada, Sci-Fi

The Enforcer (original title) – A pharmaceutical company recruits a well-known scientist to help develop a vaccine against a deadly virus. A night in the rural home of a ...

A Beautiful Now (2015)

Comedy, Drama, Music, New on Netflix Canada

“Beautiful Now” tells the story of a passionate dancer , ROMY (Abigail Spencer), who finds herself contemplating extreme measures when she reaches a crossroads in her life. ...

Alleycats (2016)

Action, New on Netflix Canada, Thrillers

When bike courier Chris witnesses what looks like a murder, his first instinct is to cut and run. But when his curiosity draws him back in, he’s ...

About Scout (2015)

Drama, Kids & Family, New on Netflix Canada

A quirky, coming-of-age dramedy about Scout, a rebellious, slightly bad-ass fifteen-year-old Goth girl from the wrong side of the tracks who convinces a wealthy suicidal mental patient ...